Lots of people tell me, I'm confused about everything I hear. Is it a buyer's market, or a seller's market? The answer is: Thanks to our favorable economic conditions in Texas we have a relatively balanced market. The sellers can get a fair price for their home, and buyers can still take advantage of extremely low interest rates for historically low monthly payments.

If you are a seller, you still need to price your home competitively because there are still lots of motivated sellers in the market place. The days of "giving your home away" are over. However, the days of putting a high price on your home, and hoping to make a big profit aren't back either.

If you are a buyer, have decent credit, and want to own your own home, now is a great time to buy. Home prices are competitive, and interest rates are low, which creates the lowest possible monthly payment.

Please contact me to find out how to be successful in today's market whether you are a buyer, or a seller.